How to gain weight naturally for male and female at home

How to gain weight in a healthy way for all

With such a large number of individuals discussing weight reduction around us, it is extremely difficult for thin individuals to discover the correct information about how to increase some bulk and not to look underweight any more.

It is very important for you to gain weight in a healthy way and not by eating unnecessary things. Eating the right food is the key as everyone has different needs and living conditions. Understanding what your body needs and planning your diet and exercises in a proper manner should be your priority.

All things considered, eating lots of junk and processed foods may increase your weight to some extent, yet it is unquestionably not the solid strategy. Keeping in mind the end goal to put on some sound weight, you should make some solid eating routine arrangements. An appropriate weight pick up eating routine ought to be a mix of bunches of carbs, proteins and solid fats.
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how to gain weight
how to gain weight

Consequences of being underweight

There are many problems that come to you with being underweight, but I have listed out a few that are very commonly seen.

Skin, hair, or teeth issues: On the off chance that you don’t get enough supplements from your daily food, you may show physical side effects, for example, diminishing skin, dry skin, or poor dental health.

Becoming ill as often as possible: In the event that you don’t get enough vitality from your eating routine to keep up a solid body weight, you will also not get enough supplements to fend off diseases. Subsequently, you may get wiped out more as often as possible, and normal sicknesses, for example, a chilly, can last longer than they typically would.

Feeling tired constantly: Not getting enough calories to keep up a sound weight can influence you to feel exhausted. You will not be able to do your daily tasks effectively.

Slow or weakened growth: Being underweight and not getting enough calories could cause you to grow very slowly and stay behind from the ones of your similar age group.

Causes of being underweight

There are several reasons for one being underweight. The most common is the family history of the individual. Family characteristics can also affect one’s weight. Another common reason is high metabolism. A person with high metabolism may not gain weight even after eating a lot of stuff.

Anyone with high physical activities will also find it difficult to gain weight. Sportspersons, field workers etc. with high levels of physical activity require more food and calories to gain weight as compared to a person doing his work mostly sitting in front of a computer.

Other reasons may be due to ill-health which may lead to weight loss or make it difficult to gain weight.

How to Gain weight?

Now coming to main point of this article, How to gain weight? It is not too difficult as we all think. It is not a thing that happens overnight. It takes time and a lot of dedication. Being consistent is what most of the people fail to do. And the result is that they don’t get the desired results and get demotivated.

Concentrate on long term goals as anything that comes easy is not always good for you. Make sure that you focus on gaining healthy weight and not just extra fats. Be consistent and it will surely pay you back. It is like an investment that you make on yourself. It will give results the same way your other investments give.
how to gain weight
weight gain food

Have 5-6 meals in a day: Having five to six meals in a day can help you to keep your stomach full throughout the day and also help in gaining some weight. If you don’t get the time to prepare your meals then prepare in advance and keep aside to have it later. Eating the right food is very important to gain weight.

Eliminate junk food: Junk food tastes good and can help you in gaining weight too. But, it is not at all healthy. Eat healthy food and reduce your junk food intakes to at least once in a month to get good results.

Add a lot of fruits and vegetables: Fruits and vegetables will help you to gain weight in a very healthy manner. Fruits are rich in minerals and calories which will help you in becoming fat and fit in an effective manner. And there is hardly anyone who will say that one does not like to eat fruits.

Include protein in your meals: Protein is very essential to gain weight and muscle. It will help you to build some good muscles and look very healthy. Milk, paneer, eggs, meat and bananas contain good amount of protein and will help you to gain some healthy weight easily.

Exercise regularly: Becoming fat should not be your goal as being overweight is also not good for health. Being fit and healthy is what you should target and there is no better way than exercising. Simply eating without exercising will make you fat at wrong places. Exercise regularly so that you get in proper shape that will look and feel healthy. Check out the exercises to gain weight at home and start exercising today.

Don’t give up: You must be wondering why I am telling you this when I am talking about ways to gain weight. But, this is the most important factor that will help you to become fit. Many don’t get results because they don’t get to see results immediately which keeps them away from reaching their goals. So, be patient and try different things if you don’t get to any improvement in a month or two. In the end it is your dedication that matters the most and everything will fall in place automatically.


So, start working on yourself now and pledge to live a healthy life so that you don’t miss some of the important moments of your life. Being unhealthy may keep you away from enjoying some precious moments which no one wants to miss. Choose the right diet and exercise regularly. Make necessary changes to your diet and be consistent in your approach. Everything will fall in place if you focus on doing your things in a proper manner.

Hope that it has helped in motivating you to become healthy. Do share with the ones who may need this article. Sharing is caring.

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