Exercises to lose weight at home for male and female

Exercises to lose weight at home

Weight gain or weight loss, exercising plays a very vital role in reaching your goals. You can’t keep exercising away from you. It is one of the most important thing that you have to focus on if you want to a fit and healthy life. The set of exercises for weight gain and weight loss are more or less the same and they are not very difficult to do.

If you want to lose weight then you will have to focus more on being more active. You will have to focus on cardio and run as much as possible so that you can burn out a lot of calories. Drink a lot of water so that you keep yourself hydrated all the time.

You will have to work hard in order to gain anything and the results will definitely give you a lot of happiness. It will take some time as nothing comes easily. You have to work for that and be consistent so that you can get the results faster and in a better way. Check out how to lose weight naturally at home to see how to go about in your weight loss process.

Exercises to lose weight at home
Exercises to lose weight naturally

Tips to lose weight with these exercises

Cut down on fatty foods as much as possible. Focus on eating more healthy food and not the junk food.

Eat a lot of fruits as they have a lot of benefits for your body.

Drink a lot of water to keep your body hydrated all day long.

Reduce the amount of sugar and salt in your diet.

Try to indulge in as many physical activities that you can do. If you have to go nearby to get something, then walking or cycling will be a better option rather than going by a car or a motor bike.

Be consistent so that you get the best results as soon as possible.

Exercises that will help you to lose weight naturally at home

Exercises to lose weight at home
Exercises to lose weight at home

If you want to lose weight then you should try to do it in a healthy manner. You should have a healthy diet to support your exercising as if you don’t eat proper food then it will be very difficult for you to lose weight.

Make sure you create some time for exercising in your busy schedule so that you can achieve your goal. Don’t skip any workout as whenever you skip you tend to delay another day in reaching your goal.


Running is one of the best way in which you can easily lose weight. There is no better way then running. You burn a lot of calories during the process and the other benefit is that it strengthens your legs. It does not only Works your legs out, but your entire body is used. It is the ultimate all in one full body workout.

Try running at least 10 to 15 minutes every day in your early days and increase your time as and when you are comfortable with your current time. You don’t have to buy anything nor have to join any academy to do this. All you need is your time and dedication. And this is the easiest thing that you can do to lose weight.

Jump Rope/Skipping

This is another great way you can burn some healthy amounts of calories. It burns more calories than running and is very effective in weight loss process. All you need is a jump rope which is available at a very cheap price and you don’t have to go very far to find one.

You don’t have to go out to do this and you can do it at home. However, if you don’t know how to do it then you will first have to learn it and then start doing. You will find many tutorials out there from which you can easily learn skipping.

Exercises to lose weight at home
Exercises to lose weight at home

It is one of the best exercise that you can perform if you are trying to lose weight. You want to lose weight, but in a healthy manner. So, this will definitely help you to get in good shape. It helps to build your chest, back of your arms, wing muscles under armpit and shoulder.

Start with a high board position with your hands solidly set on the ground, appropriate underneath your shoulders. Let down your body until the point when your chest is simply over the floor. Get yourself back up to finish one rep.

You can also do the diamond push-ups, the Hindu push-ups along with your regular ones. They will help you to work on different muscles giving your body a good overall shape.

Pull ups

Pull ups is another exercise that work your upper body. It helps you to get a wider back and good for getting a V-shaped back. It helps in building of lats, biceps, upper back and forearms.

Snatch a draw up bar with your palms facing upwards. Force yourself up marginally above the bar by keeping a slight curve in your back and middle puffed out. Gradually drop down yourself until the point that your arms are completely expanded.

You can also reverse your grip so that different set of muscles are used.


If you know to swim then it is a good skill to have. It will definitely help you to lose weight naturally as you burn a lot of calories when you swim. You can swim for 15 to 30 minutes once or twice in a week so that you burn additional calories along with your normal workout.

other exercises that you can do along with these are the walking lunges, squats and weight training exercises to burn more calories. These are all basic exercises that you can do very easily which can give good results without spending any money at home.

Bottom Note

Make sure that you are consistent in your approach and don’t skip your workouts. Drink a lot of water and follow a strict healthy diet so that it helps your cause of losing weight. Try to increase your sets and workout time as and when the time passes. It will take some time to show results.

Don’t give up at any point of time as most of the people do all the hard work in their initial stages and quit when they are almost near in getting some positive results. So, be consistent and try to make necessary adjustments in your routine and food so that you achieve the best results as soon as possible. Everyone has a different body and you should try to figure out what suits the best for you.

I hope this has helped you in some way or the other. These are basic exercises that you can do at home and does not require any huge investments in equipment.

Do comment down your thoughts on these and feel free to suggest anything that can help other readers and motivate them.

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