Exercises to gain weight at home for male and female

Exercises to gain weight naturally at home

Exercising is one of the most important thing to focus when you are trying to gain some healthy weight. You should not only focus on having a healthy diet but also on building some muscles and look fit. By having a calorie dense diet, you will be able to put on some weight. But, in order to look in perfect shape, you will have to do some work out so that you don’t get fat at wrong places. So, focus on doing it in a healthy manner.

Drink a lot of water as it will help your body to be hydrated and help in muscle building process. Be patient and focus on doing your things properly, everything else will automatically fall in the right place. You will not get immediate results and it will take a reasonable amount of time and dedication to get in the perfect shape. Check how to gain weight naturally at home and see what you should do to gain weight in a healthy way.
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exercises to gain weight at home for all
Exercises to gain weight at home

Tips for gaining weight with these exercises

You have to eat a lot. Keep your stomach full all the time. Extra calories is what you need the most.
Don’t do the same set of exercises every day. Make sure that you give enough rest to your muscles so that they can grow.

Drink a lot of water. It helps in the process of building muscles.

Increase your reps when you feel comfortable doing your current sets of exercises.

Be consistent in your approach.
exercises to gain weight naturally at home
exercises to gain weight naturally at home

Let’s see the exercises that help to gain weight

Gaining weight takes some serious efforts and eating good healthy calorie dense food will help you gain weight. But, exercising is very important to get in proper body shape.

Make sure that you don’t skip your workout and make some time for exercising in your busy schedule if you really want to gain some healthy weight. You can start with few reps in the beginning and increase your reps as and when the time passes. You will see some results in a month or two if you are consistent and combine it with healthy diet.


It is one of the best exercise that you can perform if you are trying to gain weight. It helps to build your chest, back of your arms, wing muscles under armpit and shoulder.

Start with a high board position with your hands solidly set on the ground, appropriate underneath your shoulders. Let down your body until the point when your chest is simply over the floor. Get yourself back up to finish one rep.

You can also do the diamond push-ups, the Hindu push-ups along with your regular ones. They will help you to work on different muscles giving your body a good overall shape.

Bench press/Triceps dips

Bench press helps in building strong triceps and get them in good shape. It also helps in strengthening your biceps, lats and shoulder.

Place the chair in your back side. Grasp the edge of the chair with hands completely broadened and put bear width separated. Keep your legs straight and stretched out forward opposite to your chest. Gradually drop down your body by bending through elbows until the point that your upper arms and lower arms are opposite to each other. Lift yourself back to the beginning position by utilizing your triceps to complete one rep.

Pull ups

Pull ups is another exercise that work your upper body. It helps you to get a wider back and good for getting a V-shaped back. It helps in building of lats, biceps, upper back and forearms.

Snatch a draw up bar with your palms facing upwards. Force yourself up marginally above the bar by keeping a slight curve in your back and middle puffed out. Gradually drop down yourself until the point that your arms are completely expanded.

You can also reverse your grip so that different set of muscles are used.


Squats helps to get your legs stronger and in a good shape. It works mainly on your hamstrings and quadriceps and also some muscles on the back.

Stand with your legs at shoulder width. Keep your hands together before your chest. Start the descending movement by flexing your knees and hips. Sit back with your hips and keep an upright middle. Go fully down and come back to beginning position.

You can also add some weights as you progress and are comfortable doing the normal ones. Other variation is the jumping squats.

Walking lunges

This is another leg exercise that will help you in strengthening your legs. It targets your quadriceps and glutes.

Begin with a standing position with your feet shoulder width separated and your hands as an afterthought. Step your right leg forward, bending your knees and drop your hips and go down until your back knee touches the floor. Get back up and repeat with left leg.

Bottom note

Be consistent and have a healthy diet. You are definitely going to succeed in reaching your targets. Make sure that you are consistent as it is the key to get successful in anything that you do in your life. Take sufficient rest, drink plenty of water and cut down on running or other cardio exercises. And never give up, it is one of the main thing that you have to do in order to reach your target. Try different things and see which one works for you.

I hope this has helped you in some way or the other. These are basic exercises that you can do at home and does not require any special equipment.

Do comment down your thoughts on these and feel free to suggest anything that can help other readers and motivate them.

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